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Welcome to Sandhya's Saree

Sandhyas is a one stop destination to women’s fashion. Dedicated to splendid saris and the art and traditions – Sandhyas is all about the right amalgamation of the richness of traditions and the subtle art of the modernity. It is all about making an impact with the traditions and providing a platform.

Providing the platform for history and trend, Sandhyas have been helping the weavers of art and pure silk since 1989, helping them get the right exposure to not let this extraordinary craft die.

Sandhyas’ sarees can be found at all well-known and major retail outlets like Nalli Silks, Vinayaka Silks(Coimbatore), Chanabasayappa (Davengere), RMKV (Tirunalvelli) and Samskuthi (Bangalore) to name a few. It holds a SilkMark from the Government of India labeled for assurance of quality and purity.

The idea is to aim at making this world more and more enriched with the knowledge of this beautiful traditional craft of puresilk weaving and the various things that can be made out of the silk fabric. Catering majorly to silk sarees, Sandhyas also visualizes the modern silhouettes and does not shy away from experimentation.

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